Wifi Dabba is a low-cost ISP for the next billion users



Wifi Dabba was founded in 2017 by Karam Lakshman and Shubhendu Sharma. We have a run a technology consulting firm for a decade with experience in hardware and logistics software development. We are a team of 20 with dedicated hardware, software, operations and customer support teams.

Wifi Dabba is funded by YCombinator, VY Capital and other notable investors interested in the future of the internet.


ISP license holder

Wifi Dabba is a unified license holder as required by the Department of Telecommunications for the last 3 years.

Public Wifi

Wifi Dabba deployed 1,000 public wifi hotspots at micro retailers to accelerate the transition to a digital India. Chaiwallahs, bakeries and other micro-retailers are the beating heart of commerce in India. We helped bring them and their customers online and helped push digital transactions one step forward across the country.


Public policy

Wifi Dabba was a proud participant of the WANI trails held by TRAI and is committed to interoperable standards so as to proliferate high speed internet access at low prices. Wifi Dabba is also committed to helping users retain ownership of their data and track data collection and usage, Dabba OS offers detailed metrics on your internet usage helping you be more aware of where your data lies.


Google Station Wifi Dabba

Google has been successful at providing connectivity at railway stations. Wifi Dabba and Google partnered to deliver high speed WiFi to market places in Hubli. We tested different types of advertising models across multiple locations to provide free internet access to merchants in the most crowded markets of tier-2 cities. Key lessons from this deployment have helped us bring free internet to everybody.


Coliving wifi managed service

Wifi Dabba provides fully managed services to thousands of millennials living in hundreds of Coliving buildings across providers like Oyo, Hello World, CoLive and others.

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